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sometimes i just can't help it :(

A Midsummer Night’s Dream [x]

Sep 14 at 03:42AM
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this is in relation to a fic i’m working on but what scenarios (porny or otherwise) come to mind when a fic is set at bible camp/any other summer camp?

Sep 08 at 03:24AM
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Anonymous: if/when you have the time, could you try to write a small something involving a daddy kink between chris and underage!tom? if you dont have time or dont want to do it, then that's fine :)

i can’t remember when this was sent but YES I HAVE WRITTEN PROPER DADDYKINK and am posting pt 2 of said fic next weekend. it’s already written out, i just need some time to mull over the … happenings in the fic 

Sep 08 at 03:23AM
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julstragedy: hey hey hey! I love your fics so much, I read all of them. The only thing I need to be happy is: something like Lolita AU ?! That's my biggest dream and if you could maybe write this, I would love you even more, than I do now. <3 (Sorry for weird english.. xD) Have a great day and thank you <3

i feel like MOST OF MY FICS ARE LOLITA AU-ESQUE in some way. how lolita au-esque are we talking about here? do you mean like chris comes to live with tom and his mum, renting a room in the house and then EYES tom like a handsome creeper the whole time and they have sex pretty much when tom’s mum is away and tom gets v. good at sucking cock because yes i think i might write this ahhhh (i have like 3 other fics i promised to write so this will be maybe #4?)

Sep 01 at 03:49AM
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fatcatfishdish: if you're still looking for scenarios how about Father Chris and Tom's family is super into sunday school and church things (is this too far x_x)

nothing is too far ;)

Aug 31 at 11:49PM
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i haven’t abandoned this tumblr i swear, and have read all the prompts and promise to fill them when i can. still currently writing daddykink fic for teresa atm, but once that’s settled (and the other uh posh daddykink i have planned =_=) i promise to get around filling prompts. thanks  guys! :)

Aug 28 at 04:43AM
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i’m re-opening this blog maybe. hi guys, it’s ~rangerdanger~ i guess (lol) and i’m looking for some um daddykink scenarios. the more elaborate the better! hit me up :)

ETA: or failing that some age difference aus?

Dec 12 at 06:03PM
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send all your underage prompts!